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Because He Lives

No religion has been persecuted more than Christianity. Yet it has not only survived—it has thrived! How could a religion founded by a Jewish carpenter continue to influence multitudes over the centuries? There is only one answer—This Jewish carpenter named Jesus is the Son of God.

LifeGroup Lessons

Wisdom of Being Truthful | For Week of April 16th

PRE-ORDER the next LifeGroup Adult Bible Study Book: CLICK HERE! Scripture Reading Acts 5:1-9 Lesson 12: The Wisdom of Being Truthful Lying has become a part of our culture. Sometimes we almost expect people to lie. Listening to any political debate is disheartening. One or both of the candidates has to be lying. Determining which […]

Wisdom of Appropriate Words | For Week of April 9th

Scripture Reading Proverbs 12:22 Lesson 11: The Wisdom of Appropriate Words Words can be a major source of encouragement. They may also hurt people. Proverbs speaks frankly about the way people speak to each other. Our speech needs to be governed by wisdom. The wise person carefully chooses his words. He speaks encouraging words to […]


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